Prius lifter noise

Toyota Prius owners have reported 2 problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises under the engine and engine cooling category. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Prius based on all problems reported for the Prius. The contact owns a Toyota Prius hybrid. The contact stated that the automatic startup engaged independently with a loud clunking noise. The vehicle was towed to an authorized dealer for diagnosis. The technician was unable to duplicate the problem. The vehicle was also diagnosed by a different dealer who refused to repair the vehicle.

The manufacturer was notified of the problem. The vehicle had not been repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 32, Updated the consumer stated the vehicle was traded in.

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See all problems of the Toyota Prius. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act foia5 u. The last time [xxx] with a "y" worked on the rattle in the dash.

He was able to fix that but now only in the cool mornings there is a popping sound coming from the dash.

How to Get Rid of Engine Lifter Noise

Please contact me as to when he can work on it again. It is very important that it be done first thing in the am.

Car needs to be cool!

prius lifter noise

I am sure if left in the sun it will not do it. If needed I can bring car in first to show problem and car can stay over night again if need. I know Toyota has a quality problem in this area, I will report it to Toyota mfg.

Looks like other Prius have this same problem. Car Problems. Engine And Engine Cooling problems. Car Stall problems. Engine Burning Oil problems. Check Engine Light On problems. Water Pump problems. Engine Stall problems. Engine Shut Off Without Warning problems.I used to replace my LS cabin air filter myself. Now I have a LS, and they have made the hatch door in the glove box motorized.

prius lifter noise

I know to open the hatch, it has something to do with depressing the Fan button on the dash. But I don't know exactly what to press, if car should be running, or ignition simply On but not running, etc. What is the exact procedure that opens the little hatch in the glove box so I can replace the filter?

And my primary reason for wanting to bring it to dealer is simply that it took me 5 minutes to do it on my LS, vs MUCH longer to go to my dealer. I have a Santa Fe and the rear hatch wont open. When I pull on the handle it doesn't seam to click or engage with anything.

I'm in a remote area and would like to try and fix this myself. We have a 07 wagon, and the rear hatch intermittently works at this time. When it doesn't operate correctly does it throw a code to the computer at all that is stored, or is it the old "it better not work when it goes to the shop" kind of thing?

I recently bought an 07 Dodge Grand Caravan and noticed that when we shut the rear door trunk? It seems as though the back glass is lifting off a bit and then slamming down. Is that something I can fix on my own? This is a simple post: Rear hatch won't open from outside; latch seems to be toasted. It can be released from inside, and will open then, as you imagine this is very inconvenient. The problem: dead battery, hatch is locked although 4 doors unlockedlittle plastic cover at base of hatch removed, reached inside, but try as I may I am unable to unlatch hatch.

Also looking for instructions on how to jump-start engine from engine compartment. Notes: My owners manual resides with spare tire for safe keeping and is therefore unavailable.

Perhaps too safe! What was Toyota thinking to leave doors unlocked when battery dies, but to lock default mode? I believe it was unlocked when I parked the car. Actually its inconsistent. Many times with the car running and in park, I jump out to access the rear hatch. Sometimes it will open and sometimes it will not. When it doesn't open, I have to turn off the car and then the hatch opens.

I tried to open my rear hatch yesterday, and it was a bit sticky. I've got a 2.When to fix "lifter ticking"? Soylent The v isn't a station wagon! It's just big boned. I'm about to reach 92, miles on my Over the last year, a ticking sound has been getting noticeably louder. Now, when I'm in "idle" standing still with engine charging batteryI hear a teka-teka-teka-teka sound.

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It's usually louder when I'm next to a wall with my windows down and it echoes, but otherwise it's not very loud in the cabin.

I'm not a mechanic, but I've searched my problem, and researched "lifter ticks" and adjusting valves. It's obviously a huge deal to unseal a Toyota engine that was designed to stay sealed forever. And apparently adjusting the valves in the Gen II is also pretty difficult.

I haven't noticed any performance or MPG problems, and the ticking doesn't drive me crazy, yet. So my questions are: -At what point, performance or noise level, should I take the plunge and have the valves adjusted?

If they claim they can, I'd ask them something like "isn't it hard to adjust hydraulic lifters? Some tick noise is normal. If it were more of a loud clatter, then I would get concerned. Oil quality and viscosity also makes a difference. Thanks for the reply. Does the Toyota FJ use the same motor as the Prius?

prius lifter noise

No, the FJ uses a 4 litre V6. But the FJ valve adjustment is a similar procedure to the Prius. I never noticed any valvetrain noise running even 0W in my Prius. I don't know if it's 5W or 30 in there right now, though. I've been going to Meineke for the last few oil changes. Oh boy Well, as you know, the car can be in Ready, with the gas motor off Here is one scenario that has already happened: they pull Prius into service bay, notice the gas motor is off, and put the car up on the lift.

Toyota and Lexus V6 cold start engine rattle – 2GR/3GR/4GR

Of course, the car is still in Ready. In the middle of the oil change, the Prius notices the NiMH battery is getting a bit low, and commands the gas motor to start up. With the drain plug removed Oops At the very least, you have no idea what they pumped into your Prius oil pan. Since it appears this "tick-tick-tick-tick" coincided with Meinike doing the oil changes, swing by a Toyota dealership and have them do an oil change If the noise goes away, then Meinike put in the wrong oil.

If the noise does NOT go away, who knows what Meinike did to the car??I have a Prius that has been gradually getting louder with either a lifter tick or a piston slap. What is the best way to tell the difference between these 2? The noise is the worst when first starting in the morning and when accelerating at lower speeds. My husband recently changed the oil and tried on 5W Magnatec as well as SeaFoam with no change.

What is my timeline for both of these conditions as far as needing to get them repaired? Of course, our other car is having issues right at the exact same time so we are trying to gauge what is the most urgent issue between the two. Take the plastic engine cover off and start the engine cold.

Listen close to the engine and you can hear lifter ticking coming right through the valve cover. There should be a very soft clatter coming from all the valves. Sounds like piston slap. It sounded pretty awful going up a driveway first thing in the morning, but quieted down to almost nothing after 5 minutes. Go figure.

A lifter tick usually has a tinnier sound and is more rhythmic than a piston slap. While not true in all cases, if the engine is revved a bit and let off quickly a piston slap often comes across as a bit of an erratic rattle.

It may sound like a rock being shaken in a can. SubaruNovice July 4,pm 1. SubaruNovice July 6,am 5. A small exhaust leak can also mimic a lifter tick to a tee. Maybe the valve lash needs to be adjusted.All Models.

I travel miles everyday on I80 with no issues. Might be your tires. I am filing arbitration concerning Prius, if no satisfaction, I will be filing on the Lemon Law. I have contacted my states Attorney General about this car. George, I completely agree.

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I have been taking the car back to dealership I purchased my car at as well as 3 others and no one can fix the issues. I contacted Toyota National and they told me that they will not do anything about this and that I need to continue to work with dealerships on these issues.

I have to use earplugs to drive this piece of junk, the engine sounds like a race car at full speed, the ride is rough and vibrates clear up the seat to head, tires lasted only 25K miles, etc. Dealer I bought car at told me to turn up the radio, use earphone or earplugs, that Toyota reengineered the side mirrors and small window and that this is the cause of the wind vortex sound around doors, that the sound is common to Prius.

I had a Prius that I traded for the Prius and it did not perform or do what this piece of junk does and it was 9 years old. Insulting manufacturer and dealers. Had there been traffic when I was driving at 3AM I would not be here to experience the piece of garbage and warn you all about Toyota and its dealerships.

I have a Prius and have the exact same problem. Dealer said it was the low resistance tires and at this time no solution. My daughter has a V and also has the problem. Noise is very tiring on long trips and you can't listen to the radio. Other than that it is a great car.

I rented a Camry hybrid and it is very quiet. But you give up 10 mpg. You must be signed in to post a comment. Sign In To Comment Register. Help us keep it that way by turning off your ad blocker for our site.

We can understand why it may frustrate you to receive this message. Please hear us out on this one.

prius lifter noise

New Car Pricing. Used Cars for Sale. Car Reviews. My Account Saved Inventory. Saved Searches. My Trade-in Values.Tom and Ray: On a recent show, you recommended usage of any of the popular engine oil additives to fix a noisy valve lifter.

I think you mentioned Marvel Mystery Oil by name. Since my '96 Dodge Ram has what sounds like a noisy lifter, I purchased that product. When I was in the Navy, I got a tour of duty in a staff command. While there, I submitted a point paper for a change in the rating structure. It got a lot of attention from the Chief of Naval Operations, but before Congress would allow the Navy to implement it, it had to have an independent study.

The firm that did the independent study could not just submit the original idea, they had to modify it. When they got through with their study, it was screwed up so the Navy sent it back to them and told them to get the answer right this time.

Someone is paying for it and they want their conclusions verified. They do not want the facts to get in the way. Now to your problem. This article was based on using additives in a perfectly good engine. The claims by the producers of these products is that they allow your engine to perform better and longer. I think most people here will agree with that. But your engine is not performing perfectly good, so the question is will any of these additives help. That was not discussed in this article, so the article does not apply to your situation.

The problem is that so many thing could be causing your problem that maybe one of these products might help, but not likely. Out of many, many noisy lifters I have heard and tried this on, it only worked once.

Other things that have worked on noisy hydraulic lifters have been adjustment where possiblerocker replacement the noise was not the lifter and replacement. I recall that program. The caller stated his engine had not been operated in a long time and now it sounded noisy. Which one? Will it actually work for you? Who knows? Find out. Try your Marvel oil and follow up with Rislone. Let us know. I have a Cub Low Boy It has the C60 flat 4 cly.

I used Marvel oil in it. I had 1 cly that was using oil bad. Fouled the spark with oil. The guys on the tractor forum said to try it.

Gen 3 Prius Knocking Start Mystery Solved 2ZR-FXE Engine

I did and it worked. It took 2 oil changes for it to work. I use Lucas oil treatment in my truck. I was unable to get some once and my lifers started to tick.Posted by Devilsfutbol17Aug 16, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors.

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Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Replaced Headgasket, now its ticking Posted by Devilsfutbol17Aug 16, Aug 16, 1.

There was nothing wrong with my head or anything, but I decided to replace some gaskets and upgrade some things. I put on a new headgasket, new valve seals, lapped the valves, ARP headstuds, evo springs and retainers, replaced the fuel pump, and replaced all of the other many gaskets and seals that are required to do this work. I started it up and it sounds like I have aftermarket cams almost.

It pretty much sounds exactly like this video. Any ideas on what I should check? I let it run for about 15 mins and then set the base timing also. Aug 16, 2. Were the lifters replaced and bleed?

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I would start with pulling the valve cover and see if you notice anything that is not tight in there i dont mean bolts. I am just going to go ahead and assume you have enough oil in the engine Aug 16, 3. Sounds like your lifters are stuck or maybe are not prumping up. Aug 16, 4. The lifters were bled before we put them back in. I drained the oil before I started it and then filled it until I got to the top of the dip stick.

I torqued down all of the cam caps, I can't think of any other bolts under the valve cover besides the headstuds, and those were also torqued down.

How would I check the lifters? Do you think if I let it idle for a while longer it would help the lifter? Or perhaps I should rev the engine to increase oil pressure to help get oil in the lifters? I'm going to do a compression test when I get home to make sure the valves aren't having any problems.

Thanks for the replys. Aug 16, 5. I would replace them they are cheap enough, ticking thats probably lifters. Idle wont help i had same problem i just replaced them when i had my head redone. Aug 16, 6. Aug 16, 7. It takes a while for them to pump up. Lightly rev it a bit.

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That will help. Don't wind the snot out of it, it can spit the rockers off if the lifters aren't pumped up. Aug 16, 8.

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